Filmmakers Board

The Filmmakers Board is comprised of twelve filmmakers whose work has screened at either Film Invasion Los Angeles or the Sherman Oaks Film Festival.   This board serves as the jury for our Filmmakers Awards; awards where filmmakers are given an award by their peers, not a panel of crusty old men who run a film festival.

Aletha Shepherd – Safe Bet, 2016
Alex Merkin – This Modern Man Is Beat, 2016
Ashley Campbell – Above Jewels, 2016
Caroline O’Brien – Puppet Life, 2016
Christopher Cramer – Stay, 2017
Jean-Marie Marbach – Fiebre en la Disco, 2017; L’oiseau qui danse, 2018
Joe Petricca – A Meditation, 2017
Jeremy Foley – The Faceless Man, 2017
Luisa Novo – Becoming Lucy, 2017
Pedro Patricio – Tirachinas (Slingshot), 2017
Paulina Lagudi – This Is How, 2016; Holly’s Girl, 2017
Sara O’Reilly – The Faceless Man, 2017

All members of the Filmmakers Board have been interviewed on the podcast Discover Indie Film by festival programmer Jeff Howard.  Their films can be seen here Discover Indie Film.