2019 SOFF Trailers

Six trailers for one festival!

Check out our “Extended Trailer” that features a full 15 seconds of each film for a total running time of 9 minutes! We made this one for our booth at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair. The rest of our trailers are much shorter so that they can be shared on social media.

Thursday, November 21 Trailer

Friday, November 22 Trailer

Saturday, November 23 Trailer

Sunday, November 24 Trailer

Complete 2019 Festival Trailer

2019 Festival Schedule

All festival screenings are held at
The Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Thursday, November 21 @ 7 PM
Girl Stuff

Thursday, November 21 @ 8:30 PM
The Jump
The Orchestra
Our Next Caller

Thursday, November 21 @ 10 PM
The Mo Effect (Trailer)
Dennis and Lois

Friday, November 22 @ 7 PM
First Person
Blow Out
The Lost Weekend

Friday, November 22 @ 8:30 PM
Shoot ’em Dead
Four Junkies

Friday, November 22 @ 10 PM
First Person: A Film About Love

Saturday, November 23 @ 6 PM
Sextpert Advice
Prom Time!
The Teacher

Saturday, November 23 @ 8 PM
You Too
Long Distance

Saturday, November 23 @ 10 PM
Turner Risk

Sunday, November 24 @ 12 PM
Maizey’s Song
Exceptional Minds Animation Block
Friends Roman
The Butcher Shop
SOFF Screenplay Awards

Sunday, November 24 @ 2 PM
Forget Me Nots
Giving Up the Moon
The Silent Truth

Sunday, November 24 @ 4 PM
Man Under Table

Four Junkies

2019 Official Selection: Narrative Short Film

A satire about four heroin addicts living in Middle-America and the juxtaposition between the lives of the junkies and the make-believe sitcom audience who is watching them and being entertained by their depravity.

Director(s): Hayden Croft
Writer(s): Hayden Croft
Producer(s): Stephen Laddin
Cast: Kevin Louis White, Alex Ansoleaga, Lindsay Elston, Paquita Hughes

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Dopa es no aquí, comprende?

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Forget Me Nots

2019 Official Selection: Narrative Short Film

In the wake of their parents’ untimely death, twins Lucy and Leo must re-evaluate their relationship or risk losing one another forever.

Director(s): Daniel Marcha
Writer(s): Robert Santi and Danice Cabanela
Producer(s): Danice Cabanela, Robert Santi and Stephanie Renaud
Cast: Danice Cabanela, Robert Santi and Adriana Colón

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It’s just us.

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Dennis and Lois

2019 Official Selection: Documentary Feature Film

For the past 40 years, Dennis and Lois have been fiercely devoted to the bands they love and have travelled thousands of miles to see live music. With 10,000 shows under their belts and counting, Dennis and Lois show no signs of stopping.

Director(s): Chris Cassidy
Writer(s): Chris Cassidy & Jeremy Williams
Producer(s): Jeremy Williams, Emmett James, and Bob Calabritto
Cast: Dennis and Lois with guest appearances by The Ramones,

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You’re Never Too Old to Rock ‘N’ Roll

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