2018 Official Selections – Screenplays

We are proud to announce the Official Selections for Unproduced Screenplay. The Grand Jury Prize winner will be announced at the festival!

At The Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor
Concealed by Robert Lee Chisholm
Curtains (series pilot) by Beth Hoover & Gar Hoover
Don’t You Know Who I Am? by Izzy Mariano
Empire of Blood by Mark Hedges & Isabel Oliver Marcus
Glory Season by Mark Hedges
Killer Body by Bobby Sacher
Mine by Anita Justice Skibski
Miracle Workers by Chris Gross
Monkey Motordrome by Phil Nohl
Perry by RJ Watson
Rube by Dan O’Brien
ScareActor by Kim Donovan
Seraphina by Joe Tuffy Tofuri
The 28th Amendment: Dead Lives Matter by Charles Seider
The Lost Opera by Rachel Thomas-Medwid
The Love Docta by Brus Messinger & Kimberly Bramlett Cauley
The Night Witches by Steven John Prowse
The Oblate (series pilot) by Beth Hoover & Gar Hoover