2019 Official Selections – Screenplays

We are proud to announce the Official Selections for Unproduced Screenplay. The Grand Jury Prize winner will be announced at the festival!

A Holiday Sensation by Michael Snow
Three friends reconnect with lost loves while rehearsing for a big holiday show that could land them all behind bars.
A Rhythm For Blues by DeMarcus Brown
African-American blues singer and guitarist, Solomon Green, has a promising career as up and coming artist after signing his deal with Soul Records but a dramatic event from his childhood still hunts him.
Bermuda by Laura P. Valtorta
Mildred, a large, athletic, very bad poet, believes she deserves a trip to Bermuda. She kidnaps her son to steal his VA disability benefits.
Bronze Bullets by Brooke Solomon
In the acrid, post-apocalyptic American Southwest, a trio of orphaned sisters make their living as bounty hunters while dodging vicious dust storms, acid rainfall, and a pair of determined lawmen on their tail.
DOuG by Thresa Richardson
Lycanism or Puberty? Doug isn’t sure.
Indivisible Mom by Anon by I. Rho
A devoted, introverted mom becomes a grassroots organizer to save her friends’ healthcare and is swept into the blue wave and Congress
Just Can’t Handle It by Eriah Howard
Following their departure from Military Service, two veterans struggle to maintain stability and sanity in the real world.
One More Day by Wendy Wilkins
As the second American Revolution explodes and brings L.A. to its knees, neighbors in one apartment complex band together to protect their home and fight for survival, reluctantly lead by a former reality show producer hiding her own dark secrets.
PHIEND by Jeffrey C Bassetti
A young girl wakes to find that she and her friends have a scalding aversion to sunlight… cast no reflections and have an insatiable thirst for human blood.
Professional Wingman by Tom Tanno
A smart, attractive smooth-talking 30-something charmer, is an unemployed jack-of-all-trades who repeatedly finds new purpose in life by becoming a professional wingman, aiding those who are struggling in their work or careers.
The Adventures of Chatsworth Miller by C.W. Jones
Every young artist must find a voice, so when a young boy and illegal immigrant dodge the law, while escaping down the Los Angeles River aboard a pontoon, their adventure sparks revelation.