2016 Official Selections


Border Patrol Agent Manny Bonilla makes a grisly discovery in the desert and it seems that someone — or something — has led him to it.

Directors — David Osorio and Kieran Shea
Writers — David Osorio and Kieran Shea
Producers — Wolfram Parge, David Osorio, and Kieran Shea
Director of Photography — Phil Méheux
Cast — Alex Quijano, Seli Marset, Daniel Link, Carlos Bosch, Lori Mae Hernandez

Exit Thread

When you lose faith… you lose everything.

Director: Paul Andrew Kimball
Writers: Paul Andrew Kimball & Ron Foley MacDonald
Producers: Paul Andrew Kimball, Ron Foley MacDonald, Andrew Mark Sewell
Cast: Anthony Shuster, Hilary Connell, Crystal Allen


After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his father’s prison. It is time to hear Jimbo’s inner rebel yell.

Writer/Director: Rodrigo Zanforlin
Prioducers: Rodrigo Zanforlin, Allison Coppola
Cast: Ian Lerch, James Seaman, Megan Rippey, Sylvia Kockinski


Music video.

Director: LazRael Lison
Writer(s): Celeste Stoney, LazRael Lison
Producer(s): LazRael Lison, Ray Stoney, Celeste Stoney, Tatiana Chekhova
Main Cast: Celeste Stoney, Ray Stoney

Love Is The Answer

Documentary: A Hollywood Producer. A Pilot. An Artist. A Veteran. A Missionary. A Wife. A Mother. Seven Souls. One Journey of Life.

DIRECTED BY: Carly Starr Brullo Niles
WRITTEN BY: Carly Starr Brullo Niles & William Thomas Park lll
PRODUCED BY: Linda Williams

CAST: Dick Weston, Dee Dee Porter, Rima Magee, Ray Alekel, Gordon Svelmoe, Fern Patterson, Mildred Conely


An old couple eats quietly until someone knocks the door.

Directors: Roger Grau y Maria Martín
Writer: Júlia Alemany
Producer: Carla López
Cast: Josep Maria Alejandre, Rosalia Omil, Manuela Rubio

Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity

Documentary: A life of acting and activism.

Director: Roger C. Memos
Writers: Richard Adkins, Roger C. Memos
Cast: Marcha Hunt, Harry Belafonte, Norman Corwin, Valerie Harper, Allan Hunt, Norman Lloyd, Leonard Maltin

NAMCAR Night Race

NAMCAR Night Race is a surrealistic comedy depicting a league of adults who compete in an after hours model car racing league.

Director: Lance Khazei
Writer: Lance Khazei
Executive Producer: Lance Khazei
Producers: Jason Avalos, Lance Khazei
Cast: Theo Von, D’Arcy Fellona, Whitney Rice, James Morosini, Scout Durwood

New Age, Olde English

On a strange night in a strange world, a hitchhiker is picked up by a well-spoken man; only once the hitcher is in the car and the two are moving at high speeds that darkly comedic yet terrifying revelations begin to surface.

Director & Writer: Hayden Croft
Producer: Steven D. Smith
Cast: Jason Darcy, Caitlin Marshall, David McCusker

Puppet Life

He’s a puppet, a puppet actor – to make it in Hollywood he’s going to have to overcome the obstacles of love, and inter-puppet racism.

Directed by Thomas D. Moser
Written by James Medeiros
Produced By James Medeiros and Caroline Simone O’Brien

Cast: Matt McVay, Michael Blum, Caroline Simone O’Brien, James Medeiros

Safe Bet

Leah has to make a decision whether to go for the ‘nice guy’ or fall into the arms of the ‘not so good for you guy.’

Director: Charlotte Gleason
Writer/Producer: Aletha Shepherd
Cast: Teagan Rose, Joey Stromberg, Francesca Eaddy


A young man desperately resorts to taking medication after separating from the woman he loves. In an attempt to try and cope with the loss, he negligently consumes prescription pills and over the counter drugs, sending him down a deadly rabbit hole.

Written & Directed by: Justin Taite
Produced by: Alia Domino, Nicole Hawkins, Austin Michaels and Justin Taite
Starring: Justin Taite, Rachael Markarian, Daniel Araujo, and Alia Domino

Search Engines

If the human experience is one of search — for meaning, purpose and love — this is a story of how technology is leading us further astray.

Written & Directed by Russell Brown
Producers: Kerry Barden, Russell Brown, John Baumgartner
Cast: Joely Fisher, Connie Stevens, Daphne Zuniga, Natasha Wagner (a terrific actress who bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother, Natalie Wood), Jonathon Slavin, Devon Graye, and Barry Watson.

Start Over

Three men and a woman hire a video service to find someone special.  Will they succeed?

Director: Liz Rizzo
Writer: Joni Thissen
Producers: Joni Thissen, E.J. Ted Hall
Cast: Lyndon LaVeaux, Quinn Knox, Michael Pinto, Suzy Hardy, Kerry Anne Seldin

Swing State

Set in Seattle, SWING STATE is a political comedy centered on a struggling rock & roll DJ who creates a fictitious conservative persona. He’s offered a big check to keep his charade alive, and his creation will change politics forever!

Writer/Director: Jonathan Sheldon
Cast: Alex Beh, Taryn Manning, Sean Astin, Jake Busey, Elaine Hendrix, Lydia Hearst, Angela Kinsey, Billy Zane

The Nasty TERRIBLE T-KID 170: Julius Cavero

The Nasty follows the legendary rise of a graffiti style master and the incredible trails and triumphs of how one man came from the bottom to write his name on the top.

DIRECTED BY: Carly Starr Brullo Niles
WRITTEN BY: Carly Starr Brullo Niles
PRODUCED BY: Linda Williams

CAST: T-Kid 170/Julius Cavero, Goldie, Cope 2, Henry Chalfant, CES, Martin Jones, MED, Part One, Ivory Tm7, The Death Squad, The Mac Crew

The Head Thieves

Three brothers develop an elaborate plan to recover stolen cash and go on the run.

Written & Directed by Mike Hermosa
Produced by Mickey Gooch Jr.
Starring Mickey Gooch Jr., Dante Basco, Dion Basco, Sandy Martin, BoJesse Christopher, Davison Locksley, Johnny Bananas

The Heart Outright

Stephen Ryder swore he would never return to his hometown in New Mexico after a tragic ordeal, but when his Mother dies, he is forced to return and confront his demons real and imagined, while falling back in love with the woman he left all those years ago.

Director: Ross Marks
Writer: Mark Medoff
Producer: Dave Witt, p.g.a
Main Cast: Brad Makarowski, Jessica Medoff, Joshua Rowan, Mark Medoff

The Kidnapping of a Fish

A mild mannered guy is forced to consider his girlfriend is the reason for his unexpected situation in this mixed genre film. Equal parts comedy, drama and suspense wrapped up in a fun ride of a film.

Writer/Editor/Director: Philip A. Ramos
Produced by John Hay, Jr.
Cast: Stephen Friedrich, Theodora Woolley Miranne, Vasile Flutur, Steve Quimby and Kalen J Hall

The Samaritan

Documentary: A true story of faith, sacrifice and freedom.

Director: Kevin McAfee
Writer: Allison Erkelens, Miles Hanon, Kevin McAfee
Producer: Kevin McAfee
Main Cast: Edward Roush, Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret), Lord David Alton, Congressman Chris Smith, Congressman Frank Wolf, Ambassador David Funderburk, Bishop Lazlo Tokes, Dr. Paul Negrut

The Woman In The Red Dress

An MMA falls in love with a beautiful woman as an evil man will stop at nothing to end them.

Directed by Calvert David Miles
Written by Allen Barton & Calvert David Miles
Produced by Calvert David Miles
Cast: Calvert David Miles, Kevin Brewerton, Lamon Archey, Melanie Martin, Lisagaye Tomlinson

This Modern Man Is Beat

In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgement, Habib bin Habib al Fulan pawns his last possession and reconciles with his American wife.

Directed by Alex Merkin
Screenplay by David J Schroeder. Based on a short story by Fawzy Zablah
Produced by David J Schroeder; Tommy May, Caity Ware, Shar Yonan, Michelle Romano
Starring Jordi Vilasuso, Sheena Colette, Brad Greenqust, Mercer Boffey, Kent Klineman

Whiskey Sour

A career hitman is cosmically outmatched by his next mark.

Written & Directed by Eli Stern
Produced by: Tony Spiridakis, Shannon Goldman, Ariel Eliaz
Cinematography by Thomas Taugher
Starring Ariel Eliaz, Donnie Lyons