2020 Official Selections – Screenplays

We are proud to announce the Official Selections for Unproduced Screenplay. The Grand Jury Prize winner will be announced at the festival!

Cecille by Terrell Ferguson
A classic downtown hotel acts as purgatory for wayward human souls that have yet to transition towards darkness or light.

Curtain Call by Kate Harbert
“Curtain Call” follows a touring company of a failing musical as they struggle with low ticket sales, insane crew members, and an unreliable cast.

Derelict by Blake McGinnis
As an interplanetary salvage crew jettisons home across an open void of space, they stumble across a derelict space station orbiting a lifeless rogue planet.


Good Grief by Emily Rued
An artist entangled with her alcoholic former TV star boyfriend has to reckon with the choices she’s made when her mother dies, forcing her to return home, plan the memorial, and not strangle anyone while trying to grieve.

HashBrown by Erica Bock
Two college students in the 1950s experiment with art, drugs, and sexuality.

Intolerant by Billy Ware
A young man goes from teenage plantation slave to decorated civil war hero to Kansas wheat farmer who just wants to forget the horrors of the war and be with his family and raise his crops.

Jim’s Not Dead by Carolee Caffrey
Friends unite at a 40th high-school reunion and crack each other up with tales of online dating, crow catching, bad golfers, bong hits, a cat (Jim), dating the old way, cheating and crack-addicted husbands, restaurant customers with smooshed faces, a traffic jam, and moms in decline.

Just Jane by Carl Huebner
An ambitious woman, trying to leave her past in the fetish underground behind, must escape the mobsters she’s ripped off to do so. But her fiery personality drives her to stir things up rather than lie low in the small town where she’s on the lamb.

Mixed Fits by Serenity Garcia
A diverse group of misfits explore their complex identities through a new high school improv troupe, championed by an offbeat formerly-homeschooled Latina.

The Big Idea by David J Schroeder
A disabled germophobic, a Black/Swedish hip-hop poet, a multiple personality John Doe, and a martial arts Asian Mensa chick want to collect a $10 million court settlement from informercial giant, fat-man Tony Idoni, for their ‘Big Idea’ – a telephone condom.

The Girl, Maura Bund by Ally May
When the bones of a long missing teen are unearthed, an outcast girl decides to solve the mystery herself in an effort to impress her classmates, drawing the attention of the killer and marking her self as the next potential victim.

The Lighthouse by Daniel Talbott
Led by an enigmatic preacher, The Lighthouse church has slipped off the grid and out of sight of the authorities after being denied religious tax exemption.

The Spire by Mark Tompkins
Struggling videographer Harper, 24, is stunned to find herself recruited for a job at The Spire, a.k.a. SPR, America’s biggest TV network. As she goes to work in The Spire building itself, an Art Deco landmark in midtown Manhattan, Harper discovers that the building harbors a bizarre and grotesque secret. She vows to expose it — even if she has to take down America’s biggest TV network in the process.


When Jenna Almost Never Met The Real Liam by Yaël Brunnert
A divorcé and successful yet frustrated self-help book writer, longs to move forward with her life, but her ex-husband keeps calling and her messy neighbor, a musician, is very annoying… Or is he?

Where The Men Are by Wendy Jean Wilkins
After discovering her fiancée is gay, Merritt York runs away with her thirty-something girlfriends to Daytona Beach, Florida where they stumble hard in trying to reclaim a missed youthful adventure only to discover that what’s really missing in their lives is really, much closer to home.