Shorts Program 6: Imagination Spotlight

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Sunday, November 19, 2017 – 2:00 PM

Shorts Program 6: Imagination Spotlight

Our final shorts program of 2017 features four short films that stretch the limit of imagination, providing fantastical yet realistic viewpoints.

See How Easy That Was? (8 mins), Holly’s Girl (9 mins), Rebirth (12 mins), Mismatch and Lighter (17 mins)

See How Easy That Was? (8 mins)

A distressed young man is startled when he finds a hobo in an alley.

Holly’s Girl (9 mins)

Holly’s Girl is about breaking down the stereotypical image of an eating disorder and exposing the real story. The story of the other being who takes control over our lives and breaks us down until we feel worthless. This is the reality. The reality that I and many other women know all too well.

Rebirth (12 mins)

A young woman gets her beauty and vanity taken by a masked figure.

Mismatch and Lighter (17 mins)

A quirky therapist takes it upon herself to play matchmaker to all her unsuspecting clients.

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