2019 Filmmakers Award Winners

We are proud to announce the following award winners for the 2019 festival!

Filmmakers Award Winners

Outstanding Short Films – Giving Up the Moon, Four Junkies, Sextpert Advice
Outstanding Directors РJustin Daering, Progeny; Ryan O’Leary, The Lost Weekend
Outstanding Screenplay – Tobit Raphael, Sextpert Advice
Outstanding Acting, Cast – Four Junkies starring Kevin Louis White, Alex Ansoleaga, Lindsay Elston, Paquita Hughes
Outstanding Lead Acting, Individual – Michael Yavnieli, Nancy; Gina Vitori, Sweetheart
Outstanding Cinematography – David Austin Thompson, Long Distance


Filmmakers Awards – given only to short films, these are determined by a jury of twenty filmmakers whose films have been Official Selections previous years.