Life & Death

2021 Official Selection: Short Film – SciFi

A short film 20-years in the making from a film family, Life & Death is three tall tales rolled into one: Stolen, flirting with death and dating from both the male and female perspectives, One and Done, the story of a man seeking redemption for his past dark deeds, and Ponder, which delves into the psychology of violence and mayhem within the mind of a female assassin.

Director(s): Ashley Coleman, Heather Coleman, Jason Coleman
Writer(s): Heather Coleman, Ashley Coleman, Jason Coleman
Producer(s): Heather Coleman, Jason Coleman, Michael Coleman
Key Cast: Heather Coleman, Jason Coleman, Michael Coleman, Robert Donavan, Bonnie Sheffield, Aura Lewis, Stephen Havas, Lorraine James, Terry D. Stevens

World Premiere!

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3 Killers. 3 Envelopes. “Pick one”

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