Shorts Program 3: Millikan Middle School Spotlight

Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 6:00 PM

Shorts Program 3 – Millikan Middle School Spotlight

These seven wonderful short films all come to us from the Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks.  Come see the future of filmmaking!

Some Bunny’s Story (4 mins), Anastasia (5 mins), Full Circle (4 mins), Us. (4 mins), Joya Mia (6 mins), Mouse Mess (7 mins), Hope (4 mins)

Some Bunny’s Story (4 mins)

When a young girl receives a toy bunny, it becomes more precious to her than she ever imagined.

Anastasia| Herschey Liss (5 mins)

When Studying on her own fails her she goes to Lucy for help, and begins to learn English and also makes a new friend.

Full Circle (4 mins)

A boy named Pablo realizes he left his homework on a train and his homework journeys around the city to his classroom.

Us. (4 mins)

A brief and positive telling of America’s history using clay and stop motion animation.

Joya Mia (6 mins)

Julia grows up with a fierce bond with her grandfather, and as she gets older, so does he – and his memory is disappearing. One day he sees Julia as a complete stranger, and that devastates her, and must learn how to cope the best way she can.

Mouse Mess (7 mins)

A woman has to rise to the challenge of dealing with a stranger in her midst.

Hope (4 mins)

Moving documentary about how music and hope inspired a young cancer survivor.