Shorts Program 4: Creativity Spotlight

Saturday, November 18, 2017 – 8:00 PM

Shorts Program 4: Creativity Spotlight

Our jury was incredibly impressed by the creativity shown in these four short films.  Three are narrative films and one is a documentary, and all four bring you a level of creativity that you wish was coming out of Hollywood.

A Scream That’s Trapped Inside (15 mins), A Meditation (16 mins), From Ashes to Immortality (23 mins), Sound of the Future: Haiti (19 mins)


A Scream That’s Trapped Inside (15 mins)

Mara comes back home from her boyfriend’s funeral to experience a mind game full of guilt. Jake, her boyfriend, prepared a scavenger game and placed some notes around the house that lead to an anniversary present.

A Meditation (16 mins)

A man who is a little lost finds himself connecting with a surprising woman who shows up to buy the DVR he is selling on Craigslist.

From Ashes to Immortality (23 mins)

A dark, human story about an innocent girl, a disturbed father, a troubled neighbor, and a tale of magic.

Sound of the Future: HAITI (19 mins)

This film follows the story of the most well known modern Haitian musician, Michael Brun, as he takes it upon himself to show his fellow countrymen that Haiti is worth fighting for.